Just a few pictures of the gliders within our club. These will be updated as time goes by... Just click on picture for full size

.R71 - Grob Acro waiting to be flown - one of our 2 seaters. Also used for cross-country training


Our other 2 seater a K13, very sturdy aircraft..

Our Discus finally returns to the Fenland Gliding Club, still as nice as ever and just right for the Fenland Air Field. Long may she live!


Astir CS77, R77 is the latest addition to our fleet. Flys beautifully.

My fav photo of the K6-E owned by AJ. Taken at Port Moak in Scotland by myself, this is wonderful. Notice the rainbow and the light within the arc of the rainbow. Links to a large file but I think worth it.


Our New BUS. Wonderful refuge from the elements a few problems but being addressed. Now with one deck, this is an ongoing project., A new kitchen (under construction) and a few leaks (being fixed). Nice new bit of equipment to our club, help needed to bring it up to standard.

The new Skylaunch winch. Heated, quite, powerful, EXPENSIVE! But anyhow it does give really nice smooth launches and none has complained about that. 450 cu in of throbbing muscle between your legs. Shame about small niggles.

One of my "Let's get the camera and do some photography" type photograph and take one of an Antinov and a LS8

I reckon this is the best ever photo I have taken.  If you would like to use this to promote gliding then do so, if you wish to publish this then the full picture would be availale for the right price.  I did take it remember!  It is from a Duo Discus near Gap Tallard (France)

One of my "Oh how dare you point the camera and take a picture" type shot.  Chrissy T doing her work out!