We have two 2 seat training gliders.

One is a K13. This is a classic training machine. Tubular metal frame and wood construction. Canvas covered. A great machine to learn in and great fun to fly.


The other is a K21. This is a modern glass fibre trainer. One of the best trainers around. Docile and forgiving to fly, but also aerobatic..

After achieving solo standard in our K21 and gaining a little experience, the next step is to move on to the single seat Astir CS77. Flys beautifully.

For Silver C pilots we have a Discus. A fantastic competition class sailplane. A very responsive machine, with a low sink rate and fast flying capabilities.

For basic flying training, and for more advanced cross country navigation and field landing training we also have the excellent T61-F motor glider. It is ideal for the purpose.


The most recent addition to our fleet of aircraft is the Super Chipmunk tug aircraft which enables us to now aerotow launch.

Also to get us airborne we have a twin drum Skylaunch winch. Heated, powerful, and gives really nice smooth launches. 450 cu in of throbbing muscle!

For creature comfort whilst we are out on the airfield we have our bus. This is a wonderful refuge from the elements with kitchen facilities on board to help keep your energy up for some great flying!

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